The future belongs to ERLKÖNIG!

ERLKÖNIG contains the pure energy from the coffee cherry (Cascara). A elixir made of selected natural ingredients. Enjoy it warm or cold. Let your imagination run wild and create your own drink! 

Become part of the Cascara revolution!

100% power – 100% natural!

ERLKÖNIG - CASCARA, the coffee fruit - a 21st century discovery!

Did you know that with your enjoyment of the ERLKÖNIG Cascara a global contribution will be made to improve the quality of the environment, increase the income of coffee farmers and create new jobs in the coffee growing countries?

Cascara is called in Spanish shell and names the pulp surrounding the coffee bean. The coating of the bean is juicy, bright red and rich in vitamins.
During coffee production, pulp and bean are separated. Only the bean was exported earlier. So far, pulp has not been important for export and has been thrown away.

In the growing countries, however, Cascara has been fed for millennia. The coffee fruit is drunk as tea drunk or freshly picked from the plant to enjoy its valuable ingredients.

The pulp of the coffee cherry contains a lot of caffeine.

The Cascara is named differently depending on the coffee growing region. So it is called in Bolivia Sultana and in Yemen it is called Quishar. In Nicaragua, the locals drink Cascara especially for breakfast. The amber-colored drink is also called Coffeetea.

Due to the latest research, it should be noted that apart from the pulp, the outermost skin of the coffee fruit and the pergamino, which is located between the pulp and the green coffee bean, are differentiated. There will be further research in the future to differentiate the various subtleties with technical terms.

For the ERLKÖNIG, the outer skin of the coffee cherry and its pulp is used.
The ripe coffee fruits are harvested by hand and pitted. The cherries must now be turned regularly, so that they can dry well around. This process can take three to five weeks.
The farm on which the coffee fruit grows for the ERLKÖNIG is called Camocim. The farmer - named Henrique - works and lives in Minas Gerais, in the southeast of Brazil. Already his great-grandparents dreamed of using the coffee fruit. The cherry pulp intended for use may only come from plantations that do not use chemicals when growing.
The dried coffee fruits are carefully vacuumed after drying and shipped directly from Brazil to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

The versatility of using Cascara is at the very beginning of its discovery. Among other things, manufac- tures such as flour and soap are already being produced.

In addition to caffeine and vitamin C, the high content of antioxidants is an outstanding feature.

The refinement of the Cascaras brings with it even more advantages:

- Contribution to environmental protection. The pulp makes up about 55% of the total coffee crop. By using the pulp, the massive load of sewage and soil, on which the Cascara has a negative impact in gigantic amounts, is reduced. Skin problems are the high concentrations of acids, caffeine and other trace elements, which can be harmful to the environment in large quantities.

- Contribution to the farmers and their social environment. By refining the Cascara, the farmers can increase their added value for the very expensive harvest of the coffee. They can also free themselves a bit from the traditional exchange-bound structures of the coffee trade and develop their own new economic sectors.

Be part of the coffee revolution! Join the Coffee Revolution!

The ERLKÖNIG arose from the vision to develop a power elixir from Cascra. The first recipes were created in the local kitchen, which were then tested and developed by friends and acquaintances in Corwddevelopment. A characteristic of the ERLKÖNIGS is its recipe, which on the one hand respects the natural and seasonal characteristics of the Cascara. On the other hand, in each Power Elixir series is the handwriting of the many people who have contributed with their feedback on further development.

Meanwhile, the ERLKÖNIG is produced by hand as a guest producer in the manufactory of the legendary Le Sirupier de Berne. The labels are attached by a socially integrative institution.

The ERLKÖNIG you can use as an athlete to supplement your diet or just for the enjoyment of a daily drink or as a cocktail at a party. There are no limits to your imagination.

As a treat tip for the ERLKÖNIG; in the summer as slushy and in winter as a power punch with a carving ginger.